Brian Field albums
Sun. Clump 6. Cassette. 1990.

10 tracks.

The Small Woods. MP3 Listen 32kb.
Mister Foster. MP3 Listen 32kb.

Brian Field.
David Nash.
Email: Fragment fraginfo(at)btinternet.com
Awaiting digital remastering for reissue.
Parafleabugmite. Clump 7. Cassette. 1990.

9 tracks.

Psycho Sleeper. MP3 Listen 32kb.
Bland, Bland World. MP3 Listen 32kb.

Awaiting digital remastering for reissue.
Living Daylight. Clod 9. Reissue. March 2013.

14 tracks, running time 1h 09m

Perfect. MP3 Listen 32kb.
Babel On. MP3 Listen 32kb.

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The Bean.
Michael Clarke.
William (Bill) Fairhall.
Brian Field.
Tim Greenwood (junior).
? Greenwood (senior).
Mark Illman.
Johann Kloos.
Mandy ???.
Clive Richards.
Jon Slater.
Garry Taylor.
Bernard Towers.
James Vero.
Brian Field.
Russel Williams.
The Bean.

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There is a cover version of The Small Woods on the album Tell Me I'm Wrong by Reade McCardell